June 18, 2020


Bullet Journal Spreads made simple for you. Get all your BuJo Spread ideas. Learn about Monthly spread, Weekly spread, Daily Log spread, Budget Spread Bullet Journal.


When you start writing a Bullet Journal, the very first thing or the first question that enters your mind is how are you going to arrange your ideas in your Bullet Journal?

Well here is your answer; Bullet Journal Spread, about which we are going to discuss here in more detail.


How to start a BuJo Spread?
How to start a BuJo Spread?

A Bullet Journal Spread is a group of pages that is all about a related topic. It may be of two pages or even more or less than that, where one can get an idea of the whole topic or subject matter related with any particular BuJo. It even allows you to organize the whole day or week or month in one simple layout which is easy to understand.

BuJo spread is mostly based on or related to how much experiment or creativity one can perform with their particular Bullet Journal.

Whatever be the event or occasion whether it is about any festival or any family trip or want to record one’s day to day activity, with the help of spread one can easily keep a track of any of these events easily.


Bullet Journal Layout
Bullet Journal Spread

While discussing the types of BuJo Spread, we must keep certain points in our mind. Before moving with any spread for one’s bullet journal try to ask first some of the questions. Some of those questions include:

  1. What help do I need most to make my life better?
  2. Where I am mostly disorganized?
  3. What are my future goals and dreams based on?
  4. What do I forget often?
  5. What do I love to spend time with?
  6. What are those habits that I want to create or break if any?

Once you get the answers of these questions you'll be able to know about the spread you are actually looking for or want to try.

This was all about what BuJo Spread is and what points to be considered while working with Bullet Journal Spread.

Now the question is what are the types of BuJo Spread? How can one decide which one is suitable for their Bullet Journal?

Well the answer to your question is discussed below.


BuJo Spread Ideas
BuJo Spread Ideas

BuJo Spread is of different types based on the level of one’s interest or creativity. Some of those types are discussed below:

Minimalist Bullet Journal Spread

Minimalistic BuJo Spread
Minimalistic BuJo Spread

This BuJo Spread is considered as the most easy and simplest way to create any Bullet Journal as it doesn’t require any additional tool. If you are having even a black pen and any notebook you can just simply start working on with it.

Monthly Bullet Journal Spread

Monthly BuJo Spread
Monthly BuJo Spread

Monthly Bullet Journal Spread is a kind of Bullet Journal calendar where one can put all the monthly details.

Some of the BuJo Monthly Spread ideas include:

  • A monthly cover page
  • Goals you have for the month
  • Appointments
  • Habit trackers
  • Tasks list
  • Bill payments

Weekly Bullet Journal Spread

Weekly BuJo Spread
Weekly BuJo Spread

Weekly Bullet Journal Spread contains more details as compared to Monthly BuJo Spread. It lets you organize all your weekly tasks together in a simple way enabling to read out when required in future.

Some of the ideas of Weekly BuJo Spread are given below:

  • Weekly goals
  • Weather tracking
  • Weekly chores

Bullet Journal Spread For Students

These kinds of spreads are mostly helpful for students who want to track their daily studies or to keep a look on either syllabus or examination dates.

Some of the ideas of such spread is given below:

  • Exam tracker
  • Daily study tracker
  • Daily study goals
  • View of syllabus

Daily Log Bullet Journal

Daily Log Bullet Journal Spread includes all those activities or tasks that we want to record on a daily basis. It usually contains more information than the Monthly or Weekly Spread.

Some of the ideas for Bullet Journal Daily Spread include:

  • To do list
  • Hourly breakdown of the day
  • Menu planning
  • Daily goals

Health Bullet Journal Spread

BuJo Spread Theme
BuJo Spread Theme

A Bullet Journal is a fantastic tool for one’s health tracking. There are lots of spreads one can create to keep track of their health.

Some of the Health Spread ideas are:

  • Bullet Journal weight loss spread
  • Bullet Journal fitness tracker
  • Sleep tracker
  • Create a self-care tracker
  • Mood tracker

Budget Spread Bullet Journal

Creating a Bullet Journal for Budgets and Expenses can act as a great move as many are not aware about their spending and savings. After creating such a spread one can have access to their spending and savings.

BuJo Spread for Planning and Tracking
BuJo Spread for Planning and Tracking

Some of the ideas for a BuJo Budget Spreads include:

  • Bullet Journal spending tracker
  • Budget
  • Bullet Journal expense tracker
  • Savings tracker

Bullet Journal Tracker

BuJo Tracker Spread
Bullet Journal Tracker Spread

We already know that one can create or add habit trackers easily to any of the daily, weekly or monthly BuJo Spread. Apart from this, one can even create any tracker spreads in individual layout without including it with any of the above mentioned spreads. One can track anything they want with the help of this BuJo Tracker Spread.

Some of the ideas related with BuJo Tracker Spread are mentioned below:

  • Bullet Journal mood tracker
  • Bullet Journal sleep tracker
  • Bullet Journal book tracker

Points to be considered while creating Bullet Journal Spread

Points to be considered while creating Bullet Journal Spread
Points to be considered while creating Bullet Journal Spread

Well, there are some important points which one must keep in mind while dealing with any bullet journal spread. Those points are as follows:-

  • Not every spread is going to work for everyone. The spread that changes one's life may be a total failure for another.
  • Experimentation will ultimately lead to the biggest self-discovery and growth. One should keep trying new spreads with an open mind.
  • Try to create a bullet journal spread that is seems to be perfect for you.
  • You don’t need to be artistic or fancy. If you love being creative then go with the doodles, themes, etc. If you don’t want to be creative then also there is no such issue. One can try even a simple journal style.